Miami, the city of hate.

Since 1959, murderers, torturers, corrupt people, pimps and drug traffickers have gathered in Miami, who fled Cuba when the Revolution, led by Fidel Castro, overthrew the tyrant Fulgencio Batista, godson of the United States.

Presidents Dwight Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, and Lindon Johnson embraced that scoundrel and turned it from common criminals into political refugees, despite claims by the Cuban courts for pending cases they had.

That misstep in U.S. policy against the nascent Revolution, gave rise to the emergence of a dark terrorist mafia organized by the CIA, to carry out its subversive plans, including the assassinations of Cuban leaders and other violent actions in the United States itself, which They cost many lives, including that of President Kennedy himself.

Researchers affirm that, in October 1962, there were 410 registered counterrevolutionary organizations and groups, all linked to the CIA.

The hatred accumulated within the Cuban emigration, stimulated by the campaigns of lies, covert operations and misrepresentations of reality on the island, including the execrable Operation Peter Pan, gave rise to very aggressive positions against Cuba, which allowed the House Blanca, with the support of the CIA, execute ruthless measures such as biological warfare to introduce pathogenic germs against people, flora and fauna, causing extensive damage and human lives.   

The arrival of Obama to the White House, appeased part of the extreme right-wing stridency in Miami and many welcomed the opening of trips, the breadth of flights to various provinces of the Island and the cultural exchange that allowed the performance of musical groups in Florida, without being disowned like years ago.

Obama, despite this openness, maintained the economic war, persecuted financial transactions like no one else, and when he arrived in Havana he met with leaders of the counterrevolutionary groups, encouraging them to continue his actions. He encouraged private workers to work separately from the state, to dismantle socialism from within, because his goal was the same as Eisenhower’s.

When Donald Trump won the elections, everything quickly changed. The hatred against Cuba returned with a huge force, almost a political Sunami, and in Miami the sick hostility took hold of the entire political scene, very similar to that of the 60s, due to the irrationality planted in the minds of those who do not forgive it. to Cuba, to have defeated the mercenary brigade 2506, prevented the more than 600 assassination plans against Fidel Castro and to resist with dignity the cruel and ruthless economic, commercial and financial war.

The panorama that Miami exhibits today, where a military invasion is called for and calls are made for disorder in the streets, give the reason to Fidel Castro, when during a public appearance, on November 23, 1963 after the assassination of JF Kennedy, assured:

“In the United States there are currents that maintain an intolerant attitude towards Cuba and with an intransigent stance, in favor of direct military aggression. And the extreme right in the United States is in favor of the worst procedures, the most aggressive, most adventurous and most dangerous policy for peace ”.

Nothing has changed for those intoxicated by the poison instilled by the press campaigns that demonize the Cuban Revolution. It is the result of the political situation that Trump established, with his reactionary positions and that black Americans, of Latino origin and the most disadvantaged in that unequal society now suffer.

Jim Garrison, the district attorney for the New Orleans District, was not mistaken when in 1967 he stated in the course of an interview:

“In North America we are in great danger of slowly evolving into a pro-fascist state. Based on my own experience, fascism will come to America in the name of National Security, in a country where political assassination, since the Abraham Lincoln Administration, was part of the culture of violence ”.

In those years, protests against racial discrimination and those opposed to the Viet Nam war had emerged, mobilizing young university students, intellectuals, artists, and scientists in the streets and squares, but the U.S. fought hard against everything they could. could endanger your National Security.

Immediately, their main leaders were assassinated and captured, without giving opportunities to form an opposition against the regime. However, now they organize and instruct Cuban counterrevolutionaries, to carry out street protests that derail socialism.

The U.S. do not admit this type of action in their country and the example was evident in those years of the 60s of the 20th century, when John Edward Hoover, director of the FBI, launched an extensive counterintelligence program called COINTELPRO, through the which carried out multiple repressive operations against those who protested.

That is the proof of how they unleash political violence against any person or institution that opposes the militarization of their internal and external politics, and the measures they apply in the name of their sacrosanct National Security.

Cuba, faced with the provocation organized and financed by the United States, with the support of the Miami terrorist mafia and the participation of lackeys at its service prepared abroad, declared the November 15 march illegal and in violation of current laws. That is why the State Department launched its threats of more sanctions, because they dream of seeing the Cuban people confronted, as they managed to do in Eastern European countries.

José Martí was wise when he affirmed:

“The men who allow themselves to be marked as horses and bulls, go around the world showing off their iron.”

by  Arthur González.

source: heraldocubano