The United States governs only with sanctions

Since the last century, the rulers of the United States have used a policy of sanctions against countries that are not to their liking, leaving aside the norms established by the United Nations Organization and multiple conventions that govern multilateral relations.

As owners and lords of the world, they intend to pressure and influence the behaviour of all those who do not accept their norms and endanger the subordination of other countries, that is why they have built a strategy to sanction individuals, legal entities, foreign governments and international organizations. , in order to remind everyone of what they may suffer if they break their rules.

This illegal diplomacy of coercion is carried out through the control and prosecution of the Office of Foreign Assets Control, OFAC, a dependency of the Treasury Department that receives a high budget to persecute those countries, organizations and people included in its blacklists. .

Since 1962, the official date of the beginning of the economic, commercial and financial war against Cuba, OFAC was designated to control the administrative sanctions imposed by the U.S. government against other states.

To justify sanctions against those who do not act under its rules, the United States uses manufactured pretexts, including the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, human rights, cybersecurity attacks and support for terrorism, when the world knows perfectly that the U.S. are the main manufacturers of these weapons, they use information technology to spy on and damage industries, they sponsor international terrorism and have the largest domestic drug market, without ever speaking of the mafias that administer it in that country.

The record of its formation of terrorist organizations prepared by the CIA against Cuba is extensive, among them Alpha 66, CORU and many more, which carried out terrorism plans and assassinations of leaders, all approved at the highest governmental level.

The Iran-Contra scandal in its dirty war to end Sandinismo in Nicaragua, the military coups that overthrew nationalist governments in many nations, the creation and financing of counterrevolutionary organizations in Cuba, Nicaragua, Angola, Venezuela, Syria, Yemen and dozens of countries, are irrefutable evidence of the actions of the United States in the promotion of state terrorism, endorsed by secret CIA documents.

Washington arrogates to itself the right to sanction others left and right, shamefully dragging its European allies, who obey the master like sheep.

Economic, commercial and financial sanctions are the main weapon used to twist the arms of those who do not kneel at their feet, for which they establish two groups: general and specific sanctions, with OFAC being in charge of administering the program of such punishments. , designed according to the approved foreign policy and its National Security objectives.

With this authority granted, OFAC has assigned a group of specialists to control the financial transactions of the countries on its black list, freeze assets under U.S. jurisdiction and prevent any negotiations to drown the sanctioned nations.

The general sanctions prohibit the carrying out of any import, export, financing, commercialization of products or services, any type of transaction between the sanctioned country and the United States, unless the operation is licensed or authorized by OFAC. Cuba, the Islamic Republic of Iran and North Korea are included in this group, which shows their political character, for not accepting US pressure.

Regarding specific sanctions, they do not include a general prohibition, they only restrict the execution of certain operations with a country. In this group are Venezuela and Nicaragua, both forbidden to exploit and commercialize oil from certain countries, transactions or operations for the financing of a US entity or its citizens, especially with PDVSA titles, or by any state entity, which It exposes the criminal nature of the measures to strangle their economies and foment the resentment of the people against their rulers, due to the hardships caused.

This group also sanctions people who contribute or receive goods and / or services for the benefit of people whose goods or interests are blocked by the United States, who are also prohibited from entering that country.

The case of Cuba is an example of the cruelty for having defended its sovereignty, a socialist system and resisting for 62 years the most terrible and permanent economic, commercial and financial war in history. Despite the rejection of almost all the states of the world, the U.S. systematically reinforce it, with the dream of killing an entire people through hunger and disease that stoically resists this inhuman policy.

Barack Obama, despite having deployed a “good neighbor” policy and reestablishing diplomatic relations, between 2009 and 2016, applied 52 fines, mainly to foreign banks for violating the sanctions regimes against Cuba and other countries. for an amount amounting to 14,404 million 358 thousand 605 dollars.

Official information from the Cuban government affirms that, from January 2009 to June 2014, the Barack Obama administration had forced 36 US and foreign entities to pay almost 2.6 billion dollars for dealing with Cuba and other sanctioned countries.

In recent years, Russia and China have also suffered sanctions from the United States, which seek to undermine their economic development and avoid commercial competition under different justifications, all of a political nature, with the Democratic Obama administration being the one that strengthened such measures, as well as He did against Venezuela by signing strong sanctions in December 2014, including the freezing of assets and the prohibition of visas for Venezuelan officials accused of “violating” human rights.

A year later, Obama declared, under executive order 13692, a “national emergency” due to the “extraordinary risk” posed by the situation in Venezuela for US security, still in force in 2021.

The United States stepped up its sanctions war by recently including 34 companies over ties to China, Iran and Russia. In the case of China, it went from 31 to 59 companies accused of supporting the Chinese military and security complex.

Frustrated at not being able to bring China to its knees, the administration of President Joe Biden proposed to its European and other allies to boycott the Winter Olympics, scheduled for next year in Beijing, a measure supported by the British Parliament.

The cold war lives with greater force than ever, which produces a confrontation that only affects millions of human beings, including the American people, for not recognizing the right of other nations to choose their destiny.

José Martí was not wrong when he stated:

“Raising the forehead is much more beautiful than lowering it”

By  Arthur González.

Source: heraldocubano