Cuba Reaffirms Its Democracy With High Turnout in Congressional Elections

Yesterday Cuba lived a historic day during the national elections to vote for the new members of the tenth legislature of the National Assembly of People’s Power, the highest legislative power in the country. Civic pride, organization and willingness to continue the legislative processes promoted by the new Constitution of 2019; this is how we could describe what happened on the island this March 26.

A total of 75.92 percent of the eight million Cubans eligible to vote went to the polls, a figure slightly higher than that recorded during the popular referendum for the Family Code last year and figures that many countries would like to see in similar electoral processes, including the United States, where 66 percent of voters turned out in the last presidential elections.

According to preliminary results announced Monday morning, 90 percent of the ballots cast were valid, and 72 percent of the electors voted for all the nominated candidates. All 470 nominees were elected as Assembly lawmakers. About 6.22 percent of the total ballots deposited in ballot boxes were blank, and 3.50 percent were annulled.

“This process was satisfactory due to the high voter turnout at the polls. Our people made it possible for the process to be successful. More than 150,000 volunteer electoral authorities were at the helm of the polling stations,” National Electoral Council President Alina Balseiro said in announcing the results during a morning press conference.

The 470 elected lawmakers will elect the president and vice-president of the Republic next April and to continue with the legislative development of the Constitution. This day we did an act of popular sovereignty and citizen participation that reflects the commitment of Cubans to their country and its social project.

The election process took place in 12,427 constituencies and 23,648 schools. More than 200,000 authorities were part of the process, and ensured that the day went smoothly and with organization and respect.

The polling stations opened at 7:00 a.m. local time and closed their doors at 7:00 p.m., one hour later than planned due to the steady increase in voter turnout.

“Today is a day of celebration, joy and confirmation of convictions. We are going for more. I believe that we will have a revolutionary victory and a victory of the people,” Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel told the press this Sunday after voting in his birthplace, Santa Clara, in Villa Clara province.

“When you have lived a process like this, as intense and emancipating as this, you have to give everything for this heroic and dignified people who deserve the greatest happiness possible,” said the president and candidate for congressman for Santa Clara’s District No. 3.

It was an emotional day, where the people showed that there is still strength and hope for the future as long as we stick together.

“With the united vote, we are defending the unity and the future of the country, besides legitimizing the legacy of Fidel, Raul and all the heroes and martyrs of this long but beautiful revolutionary process,” the Cuban leader concluded.

Source: Resumen Latinoamericano –  US