Cuba denounces proliferation of cyber-terrorism, violations of privacy and fake news

Cuba denounced proliferation of cyber-terrorism, violations of individual privacy and fake news online, during the World Summit on the Information Society 2020 Forum, with the country’s deputy minister of Communications, Ernesto Rodríguez Hernández, participating.

In his remarks, Rodríguez noted that the COVID-19 epidemic has contributed to widening the digital gap between countries, making evident the need for communications infrastructure that allows access in equal conditions to reliable sources of information, and that serves to support public services.

He denounced pernicious practices in the use of social media that do not contribute to the sustainable development of our peoples, insisting, “Let us work for peace in cyber-space, respect for identity, for the integrity and dignity of persons, collective security, general wellbeing and public morality.”

He also cited the necessity of a more solid global communications system that facilitates “support for a large number of public services, including those that guarantee health care and continuing education.”

Addressing forum participants, Rodríguez argued, “In the face of this worldwide health crisis, Cuba reiterates its call for global unity, solidarity, and international cooperation; for the elimination of unilateral coercive measures

Source: Granma