Against Cuba the media war is total.

The psychological war waged against Cuba by the United States government began in 1959 and, far from declining over time, it increased with the appearance of the Internet, to promote an ideological current within the island contrary to socialism. For this reason, the economic, commercial and financial war is intensifying despite worldwide rejection.

The objective stated in its multiple declassified documents is to get the people to blame their shortages on the socialist system, become disillusioned and discouraged, as they do not perceive economic improvements.

A CIA document, declassified and published in June 2001, referring to the analysis of the Cuban situation in the early 90s of the 20th century, reflects the purposes proposed by the U.S. with the maintenance of that cruel and ruthless economic war. , which seem to have been written in 2022, because in that document their analysts said:

“ There is a better chance than ever for the government of Fidel Castro to fall within the next few years…As conditions on the Island deteriorate further, violent incidents are more likely to spread due to growing frustration over cuts in the electricity, transport problems and food”.

“ If the United States were to lift the embargo, unilaterally or as a result of negotiations, Cuba would benefit greatly… the benefits would probably generate minimal economic growth, but would alleviate many of the worst shortcomings and other pressures facing the regime.”

30 years after that analysis, Cubans continue to resist because they know perfectly well what they stand to lose, by verifying the current protests in Ecuador, Colombia, Panama and other countries of the capitalist world, to demand a free health and education system, employment, equality of women with men in terms of wages and job opportunities, cessation of racial and gender discrimination, reduction in the price of gasoline, public transport and others, that Cubans have thanks to the socialism that the United States wants to demonize.

The matrix of opinion that the United States and its allies impose against Cuba is brutal and is verified by simply reading what CNN publishes, where they have been maintaining images of July 11, 2021 daily for a year, with 12 articles referring to those events with distorted information, something they do not do with the true protests of the Colombian people, the repression of which they were victims and the dozens of deaths caused by the police forces, plus the hundreds of detainees.

Nor does CNN keep photos or information of the 18 days of demonstrations in Ecuador, against the bad practices of the current government and the brutal repression suffered by that people, nor does it say a single word about the president’s bank accounts in tax havens and widespread corruption. that has been lived since the government of Lenin Moreno.

Regarding the current massive protests in Panama, which last more than a week, the treatment is diametrically opposed to what they do against Cuba for a single day of protests and acts of vandalism stimulated from the United States, with ample financing provided by USAID and the NED, together with the subversive actions of the U.S. embassy in Havana.

Why don’t those CIA front organizations finance indigenous people in Ecuador, trade unions in Colombia and Panama, or offer scholarships to train community leaders among young people to claim their rights?

A simple look at what the U.S. are doing against Cuba on the Internet reveals their determination to offer an unrealistic image of the Revolution, through political and ideological subversion, as part of the unconventional warfare doctrine developed by the United States government. States, in conjunction with their special services.

This action intends to provoke the softening of the character and resistance capacity of the Cuban people, to impose U.S. values ​​and symbols, and even to modify the history of Cuba.

In 2011, at the request of Republican Senator Richard Lugar, of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Carl Meacham, in charge of Latin America in said senator’s team and currently director of the Americas Program at the US think tank CSIS (Center for Strategic and International Studies) met with State Department staff, top foreign diplomats, and industry officials to investigate how social media and technology could be used to promote and strengthen “democracy” in Latin America.

Meacham’s report acknowledges the subversive actions and plans undertaken by the United States government against Cuba, stating:

“ The State Department has trained journalists in various countries to increase their ability to rapidly disseminate accurate information on important events and issues. Great efforts have been invested in Cuba, the only country that currently actively censors the content of US politics.

“ …Our team noted the growing interest of State Department officials in increasing the basic computer skills and literacy of the Cuban people as a means of empowering them to effect positive change in their own society.”

Senator Marco Rubio assured in 2012:

“The Cuban totalitarian system could collapse if all Cubans had free access to the Internet, because Cuba would follow the same fate as those countries that passed through the Arab Spring.”

On January 23, 2018, the State Department created the “Internet Operational Group for Subversion in Cuba”, in order to alter internal order, following the guidelines set forth by President Donald Trump, in his presidential memorandum dated June 16 of 2017.

This group is made up of representatives of the government and “Non-Governmental” entities such as USAID, Freedom House, and the Bureau of Broadcasts to Cuba, responsible for Radio and TV Martí.

What hurts them is that none of their forecasts, nor of the working groups created, have had results. Cuba continues to resist, despite the increase in the economic war and was even able to manufacture three vaccines that have controlled the Covid-19 pandemic, like no other country in the world.

That is why José Martí stated:

“Trenches of ideas are worth more than trenches of stones”

source: Heraldocubano – By Arthur Gonzalez