When they don’t want the truth to be news.

In an operation of silence, the large main stream media, self-proclaimed champions of information and allegedly attached to objective journalism have silenced all news about the humanitarian operation carried out by Cuba with the more than a thousand passengers and crew of the British cruise ship MS Braemar, which was drifting around the Caribbean with five Covid-19 patients. Several countries refused them entry including US.

An internet search shows that the British and Irish media including BBC, Channel 4 news among others silenced the event, without dedicating a line to the Cuban gesture , while the Spanish newspapers El País and El Mundo, always so interested in Cuban issues, did not publish anything either.

Hiding the truth

When it comes to attacking Cuba, most of the big main stream media press open their newsrooms and dedicate big headlines, but now when the island’s government decided to help the people stranded on the British cruise ship MS Braemar and executed an operation worthy of praise for its synchronization and that it allowed more than a thousand people including Irish passengers to return to their countries safely, the main stream media has remained silent and has set its sights elsewhere.

In the most blatant way, the main stream media deprive their readers of the truth, hiding what happened in Cuba.

It is not that Cubans are begging for praise or looking for perks, but if we talk about a press attached to the truth and to public service this must have been among the headlines of the BBC, Channel 4 News among others, who like ostriches preferred to stick their heads in the sand and not to see.

Bonus: Luckily, we got a video of Dominic Raab thanking the Cuban government in the UK parliament.