What is the true failed state?

The Covid-19 pandemic brought many misfortunes to this world, but it also exposed bad policies in terms of health and social security, in countries that pride themselves on having a capitalist system where money comes first, no matter who he is left without food or social assistance and cannot pay for hospital care.

Cuba, a poor, small nation subjected to the longest and cruellest economic, commercial and financial war known to humanity, accused by the United States of being a “failed” state in its media war, is facing the terrible Covid pandemic 19 with scarce economic resources, largely due to the laws of the so-called “embargo”, intensified since 2019 with almost 250 measures approved by Washington to prevent its development and that the people demonstrate against socialism.

Thanks to its socialist system, not perfect, but more humane and in solidarity with capitalism, Cuba obtained three vaccines of its own and two that are still under study and quickly built 22 bio-laboratories to process PCR tests. This effort has yielded unbeatable results, because today the number of infected throughout the country does not exceed 90 cases a day, a situation that neither the United States nor the other European capitalist countries have.

Is that a failed state?

The figures do not lie and while Cuba advances in health, education, culture, social security and care for children, the elderly and women, another reality is observed in capitalist countries.

In the United States, 1 in 6 children live in poverty and adults are observed in a similar situation, where 1 in 8 of them are in the same way, it shows that this system is not as perfect as its propaganda wants to sell to the world. , as the ideal society.

The humanitarian organization Children International, affirms that in the coming years, 1 in 7 people will be born in the United States in conditions of poverty, that without being subjected to an economic and financial war, but because of the inequality that the capitalist system presents, which it results in that 40% of American children, before their 18th birthday, spend at least 1 year in poverty; That is why it is claimed that its child poverty rate is much higher than that of other developed countries.

American infants who live in poverty, face difficult situations that force them to suffer problems of violence, drug addiction, health and the lack of adequate education to survive in that capitalist regime that does not care about the human being, as it does, the socialist system that the U.S. prevent imitating.

In the supposedly “ideal” U.S. regime, black and Latino children suffer violent racial harassment in schools, a situation that has worsened in recent years, for which many students are forced to abandon their studies, a situation reported Before the school boards and their parents they have filed lawsuits against school districts, for not putting an end to that racial discrimination that affects the psyche and the good emotional development of minors.

That does not happen in socialist Cuba, where everyone is equal before the law and with the same opportunities for improvement, regardless of skin color, religious beliefs and social origin.

According to reports published in the press, in the United States black students report that white schoolchildren call them monkeys and have dirty skin, similar to excrement. Others remind them of slavery and the lynchings of blacks that took place years ago, telling them to go pick cotton for being slaves, as if they were in the 19th century.

According to studies carried out by international research centers, the U.S. regime, which tries to disqualify Cuban socialism, is one of the great incongruities since it is considered the richest country in the world, but it has one of the worst poverty rates among nations. developed, by exhibiting almost 40 million Americans who survive below the official poverty line, yet they do not suffer from media campaigns similar to those they finance to discredit Cuba.

The United States lacks a solid social protection network and a support system for low-income people, as does the socialist Cuba that they so abhor, a situation that emerged in the most difficult moments of confinement by Covid-19, but They are unable to recognize it and justify poverty as an individual failure and not because of the weaknesses of capitalism.

The Washington-based Council on Foreign Relations recognized that income and wealth inequality in the United States increased and is greater than in any other country.

While researchers from the University of Florida forecast 40,000 new daily cases of Covid 19 in that state for the next few months, Cuba reported at the end of Sunday, December 19, 2021, only 79 new cases throughout the Island and one deceased, with a forecast of lowering that figure in the next period, a situation that shows which system is not working.

The United States regime is the epicenter of the Covid-19 pandemic, with more than a million confirmed infections and 60,000 deaths, in addition to now having more than 30 million newly unemployed; while socialist Cuba is recognized for its results and the high quality of the public health system, with universal and free coverage.

Due to its results in the care of children, UNICEF assures that Cuba is an example in the protection of children and on the island there are no children sleeping in the streets, nor are there kidnappings, because they are the highest priority and that is why they do not suffer from the deficiencies of millions of minors in Latin America, who are exploited or fall into prostitution networks.

Cuban education is free from preschool to higher education and instruction is compulsory until 9th ​​grade.

The right to health is fully financed by the State, with a network of institutions distributed throughout the national territory, which cover primary and preventive medical care, up to surgical interventions with state-of-the-art technology in hospitals and institutes specialized in Cardiology, Cancer , Nephrology, Ophthalmology, Hematology, including organ transplants. 

The vaccination program of socialist Cuba offers free of charge one of the widest immunization coverage in the world, to prevent 13 diseases. Hence the elimination of malaria, polio, diphtheria, pertussis, measles, rubella, congenital rubella syndrome, neonatal tetanus, and tuberculous meningitis.

This reality that the United States tries to hide and distort is the true reason for its hatred of the Cuban socialist Revolution, which is why it is worth asking: Who is the true failed state?

But as José Martí said:

“Nothing false is durable or useful.”

source: By Arthur González. El Heraldo Cubano