The U.S. fear of communism

Do what I say, but not what I do, this is how the antidemocratic policy of the United States is projected, which demands from others what they violate, as is the case of not admitting that one can think and act differently from what they do. the U.S. power considers proof of the imperial character of those who trample the Universal Declaration of Human Rights daily, despite trying to hide it.

An example of this action is the Law of Crucial Teaching of Communism (CCT), presented in Congress on December 2, 2021, by the representatives María Elvira Salazar, Elise Stefanik, Victoria Spartz and Lloyd Smucker, with the purpose of imposing on American high school students educational materials, through the Commemorative Foundation for the Victims of Communism, to poison them about the so-called “dangers of communism and totalitarianism”, under the label of being contrary to the fundamental principles of freedom and democracy in the U.S.

What freedom and democracy are they talking about when that bill demonizes those who think differently?

The misguided and misguided Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which mainly attacks nations that struggle to maintain their independence and sovereignty, establishes in Article 18: “Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and region … ”   But it is violated permanently in the United States.

This Law will not address the actions of economic, commercial and financial war that the United States establishes, with the aim of twisting the arms of countries that do not submit to its dictates, despite constituting a crime against humanity, in order to treat to sell the image that “communism is a system that does not progress”, although the same U.S. ideologues of the Council on Foreign Relations admit with the greatest cynicism:

” The opposition of the United States to the Cuban Revolution and the support for democracy and development in this hemisphere, managed to frustrate the Cuban ambitions to expand its economic model and political influence.”

The CIA exposes the same in its secret memoranda:

“The main objective of the covert programs against Castro is to complete the economic, political and psychological isolation of Cuba from Latin America and the free world…. These measures have been largely responsible for Castro’s current economic difficulties, but new and effective Economic Warfare measures could be adopted ”.

Why are they so afraid of the Cuban socialist system and insist on not allowing it to succeed?

The members of the Miami terrorist mafia live full of hatred, having failed to overthrow the Cuban Revolution that allowed peasants, workers and humble people to have full access to education, health, sports, culture and to be treated with total equality.

To this reality that the aforementioned congressmen try to hide, Ron DeSantis, current governor of Florida, joined, who wishes to educate American students about the “failed” experiment of communism throughout history, but they hide the achievements of socialist science Cuba, which despite the sustained economic war for 62 years and the almost 250 sanctions imposed by Donald Trump and Joe Biden in the last 5 years, managed to create its own vaccines against the Covid-19 pandemic and exhibit the lowest levels of contagion and deaths on the continent, proof that there is nothing “failed”.

In her argumentation of the Law, María Elvira stated:

“The Castro regime claims that it has created a system of equality on the island, but the only equality that communism guarantees is to be equally poor, equally hungry and equally oppressed.”

Does she think that all congressmen are ignorant?

If instead of being obsessed with overthrowing the Cuban Revolution, you read the reports from ECLAC and other United Nations organizations, you could learn of the misery suffered by capitalist countries, where poverty, especially child poverty, increases by the day. In the United States itself, this panorama is not better and in none of them is there socialism, nor are they subjected to a criminal economic war.

In Latin America since 2020, extreme poverty has reached 12.5% ​​of the population, according to ECLAC reports, its highest level in the last two decades, affecting 33.7% of the population, that is, one in three Latin Americans is in poor condition, but Joe Bidel and the Miami mafia hide that reality.

A study by the Inter-American Development Bank assures that, in the last two years, the incidence of poverty in Latin America and the Caribbean affects between 30.6% and 36.9% of the population, in the so-called American dream, a situation that the enlightened economists who seek to change the Cuban economy do not mention.

The proposed law is based on the arguments put forward by the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation, created in 1993 by the CIA under the cover of USAID, as an anti-communist organization whose objective is to “ educate Americans about the ideology, history and legacy of communism ”.

For the anti-Cuban battle to subvert the new generations, they assigned to this Foundation one million dollars in the fiscal year 2019-2020, to promote the issue of Human Rights, proof of U.S. interference, with the purpose of inducing in the Cuban values ​​and American culture, paradigms proclaimed by Barack Obama when he expressed:

“… We will continue to address issues related to democracy and human rights in Cuba […] We can do more to support the Cuban people and promote our values ​​through commitment.” “The changes introduced in our new policy will further enhance our objective of empowering the Cuban people.”

Not for pleasure, USAID has 3 million dollars available for its subversive programs, aimed at the so-called “democratic civic education” of the Cubans.

Representative Lloyd Smucker, one of those who supported the new Act, stated:

” Communism is responsible for horrible deaths and destruction throughout history. It is more critical than ever that we ensure that our students are taught the history and current dangers of this ideology. I am grateful to Congresswoman Salazar for leading this fundamental legislation and I am proud to join her in supporting it. “

Didn’t he know that the United States dropped two nuclear bombs on the civilian population of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, instantly killing nearly 100,000 innocent people?

Lloyd Smucker is suspended in history, omitting that his country since the 19th century has sown death and destruction in almost all of Latin America with invasions, military coups, conspiracies and terrorist acts against Cuba.

The fear that the U.S. extreme right feels for popular claims against the capitalist system is very high and that is why the crusade undertaken to counter the favourable opinion on socialism, present today among the generations of young Americans, where the results of recent polls showed that 1 in 5 “millennials” (young people born from the 80s, digital generation, hyperconnected and with high social and ethical values), unlike past generations, see communism favourably.

This is the real reason for deploying by Law, an educational crusade on middle school Americans, in order to sow anti-communism in their minds, even if to achieve it they have to fabricate lies and reinvent history.

From this it follows that the United States will not lift the mass of laws that make up the so-called economic, commercial and financial blockade against Cuba, so that it is not a “bad example” to imitate.

Wise José Martí when stating:

“Ignorance kills peoples and ignorance must be killed.”

source: HeraldoCubano