Justice for the Cuban 50

US Ambassadors Residence protest

Cuba Support Group Ireland will demonstrate outside the US Ambassadors Residence in Phoenix Park, Dublin today, 3 July 2015, to draw attention to the ongoing failure of the US authorities to bring to justice the terrorists responsible for the mid-air bombing of a civilian airliner enroute to Cuba.

50 Cuban citizens were among the 73 victims on board the stricken aircraft, Cubana 454,
downed by a terrorist bomb of the coast of Barbados in October 1976. There were
no survivors. Today the “Justice for the Cuban 50” campaign is
launched to bring attention to the failure of the US authorities to honour
international agreements it has signed in relation to terrorism and air traffic
safety which require it to bring to trial, or extradite, those responsible for
this crime.

The masterminds behind this bombing are well known. One has even claimed
involvement in an interview with a Miami based journalist and author, Ann Louise
Bardach. Declassified documents show that the CIA also reported his name to the
US President within days of the bombing. He was subsequently caught red-handed
handling explosives in the process of preparing a bomb destined to explode
in a Panamanian auditorium. He was convicted of terrorist crimes and sent to jail. The
circumstances of his escape and reappearance in Miami have never been
satisfactorily explained.

An outstanding extradition warrant for Luis Posada Carriles remains unanswered.
He lives freely in the state of Florida, USA. We call on the Obama
administration to answer the extradition request and initiate the legal process
to transfer the accused to a jurisdiction where he will face trial for the
murder of the 73 innocent victims, including the 50 Cubans who are the subject
of today’s protest.


Further information: [email protected]

Background: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cubana_de_Aviaci%C3%B3n_Flight_455


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