Dengue in Cuba, something not to forget.

The situation that Cuba is experiencing with dengue after controlling the Covid-19 pandemic, thanks to the efforts of Cuban scientists who achieved three vaccines, including one for children, has its origin in 1981, when it was first detected hemorrhagic dengue on the island.

In a few weeks, it killed 158 people and of these 101 were under 14 years old, a total of 344, 203 Cubans, were infected.

This epidemic, never before seen in Cuba, quickly appeared in three distant areas of the country, at a time when Latin America had not reported cases of this disease.

Thanks to the Cuban health system and the measures taken by the government to create intensive care rooms in the main children’s hospitals, a greater number of deaths could be avoided.

Health personnel had no knowledge of it, so they were forced to study and investigate its origin, whose transmitting agent is the Aedes Aegypti mosquito.

In a few hours, the infected person begins to show signs of hypoxia that require pulmonary ventilation, without wasting time. Platelets drop rapidly, tachycardia appears, and hepatic coagulation factors decrease, plus vomiting of blood and distal coldness.

Faced with the massive number of cases that overwhelmed hospitals, the Cuban government made the decision to convert schools into health centers, to face the critical situation that was beginning to cost human lives.

From the CIA headquarters they monitored and enjoyed the situation that they had created in Cuba, the spending that the state was making to solve that crisis, and they rejoiced at the effort and maneuvers that Havana was making to circumvent the economic war that prevented the purchase of of medical equipment, laboratory reagents and medicines.

Subsequently, the revolutionary government launched
a massive disease control program, including a surveillance system, together with a network of diagnostic laboratories at the national level, something that can only be carried out with a socialist system where the state assumes these expenses, since the health service is free in Cuba.

Since that year, dengue has been present in the country with four serotypes.

To leave no doubt as to who was responsible for the dead and sick, the U.S magazine Covert Action , published in its August 6, 1982 edition, that the dengue epidemic that hit Cuba in 1981 and caused the death of 158 people , had been a secret operation of the CIA, something that was confessed in September 1984 by the murderer and terrorist of Cuban origin Eduardo Arocena, head of the terrorist organisation Omega 7, during the trial held in New York, when he was accused of the murder of the diplomat Cuban Félix García Rodríguez, accredited in the Cuban mission to the UN.

His statement is recorded in the New York federal court, page 2189/1984, file 2 FBINY 185-1009, where it is stated that he acknowledged that the mission of the group he headed was to obtain and introduce pathogenic germs into Cuba. He was sentenced to two life sentences when the FBI determined that he was linked to at least 2 murders and more than 30 bombings in Florida, New Jersey and New York, between 1975 and 1983. He was pardoned by the U.S regime in June of 2021.        

On September 1, 1981, The Miami Herald published an article stating:

“Former FBI agent William W. Turner and journalist Warren Hinckle claim that the United States used biological warfare in Cuba during the Richard Nixon administration and the CIA has engaged the United States in a secret, illegal and undeclared war against Cuba. for more than 20 years”.

Investigations carried out confirmed that this type of hemorrhagic dengue corresponded to the “Nueva Guinea” 1924 strain (serotype 02) unique in the world at that time, for which it was a strain produced in laboratories.

In 1981, 3 initial outbreaks with no epidemiological relationship were reported on the Island, two in Cienfuegos and the other in Camagüey, a few kilometers from two of the three existing air corridors in the country.

Likewise, it was learned that Dr. Charles Heri Calisher, a member of the World Health Organization (WHO), had carried out studies on dengue (serotype 01) detected in Cuba in 1977 and confirmed the non-existence of antibodies of serotype 02 of the disease in the island population.

As background to this biological warfare, on June 2, 1964, the Revolution newspaper published statements by Commander in Chief Fidel Castro, where he stated: “ Eyewitnesses, including members of the Revolutionary Armed Forces, verified the detection of balloons of various sizes , which dissolved on contact with the earth, leaving a gelatinous substance similar to that used in bacterial culture broths”. During those days several children fell ill with meningitis.

In the following years, swine fever, bovine pseudo nodular dermatosis, cattle brucellosis, coal and cane rust, tobacco blue mold, the coffee berry borer, New Castle, and infectious bronchitis struck the country. poultry, hemorrhagic conjunctivitis, dysentery, rice grain infertility syndrome, thrips-palmi-karmy that infects potato crops, varroasis, disease that affects bees, citrus sadness, non-existent in the country and detected in a masked way in the luggage of the American scientist Richard Lee, a case with a camera and 4 small test tubes containing biological substances.

Biological warfare is criminal, that is why Cubans do not forget where their hardships come from, caused by the United States regime that proclaims itself “champion of human rights.”

And as José Martí expressed:

“Things have to be said starkly so that they turn out as they are”.

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