Declaration of the European Front of Solidarity with Cuba.

In the face of the current government of the United States’ attempt to create an ignominious chaos on the island of Cuba, in the face of the pretense of sinking its claws on it through the preparation of vandal acts, the financing of mercenaries, annexationists or agents of change to subvert the constitutional order discussed, defended and approved by the majority of the people; faced with the spurious ambition to crack democracy and violate the norms  of international law, stirring up its criminal hordes with a desire for intervention, we, women and men of good, united in solidarity with Cuba from Europe, and always in defense of the independence of the nation of the Caribbean and the Cuban Revolution, we proclaim:

– That we repudiate any attempt of interference, illegal operation or direct or indirect intervention on the Cuban nation,

– That we defend together with him the legacy of his magnanimous founders, of his generations of revolutionaries who offered their blood to make the Cuban homeland an example of humanism, ethics and justice for all the peoples of the world,

– That we condemn the genocidal blockade illegally imposed by the most powerful nation in the world,

– That we publicly prosecute any false accusation of disrespect for human rights and the permanent calumnies raised against its top leaders,

– That we recognized the unprecedented efforts that the Cuban nation has made to save its children from poverty, illiteracy, disappearance, drug trafficking, slavery, and the hopelessness that so devastates other peoples of the hemisphere and the Third World, despite the incessant attacks it has suffered since the triumph of the Revolution,

– That we consider Cuba as the most supportive country in the world and we recognize its constant effort in supporting other countries, even more powerful nations to which it has offered its hand without reservation,

– That we disapprove and condemn the illegal maintenance of the Naval Base in the territory of Guantanamo,

– That our support and sustain to the sovereignty of Cuba, to the integrity of its people, and our rejection will be unconditional in the face of any threat.

Having said the above, we sign this proclamation and ask with one voice