Cuban Vaccine Soberana 02 To Start Phase Clinical Trials

Soberana 02 is the second Cuban COVID-19 vaccine candidate to begin clinical trials after being approved by Cuba’s medical regulatory authorities.

The Cuban vaccine candidate against COVID-19, Soberana 02, will start Phase I clinical trials after receiving the approval of the Center for State Control of Drugs, Equipment, and Medical Devices (CECMED).

The Finlay Institute of Vaccines announced the news in its official account on the social network Twitter.

In recent days, Doctor of Science Vicente Vérez Bencomo, General Director of the Finlay Institute, declared to Granma newspaper that this second candidate’s approval is similar to Soberana 01, and is a molecular or subunit product, would be imminent.

Vérez Bencomo stated that during the clinical trials of this candidate, it is expected to demonstrate its safety and achieve a protective, powerful, and long-lasting immune response, just like Soberana 01, and prove which immunological properties are confirmed in the vaccinated subjects.

Source: Tele Sur