Cuban president denounces US complicity in terrorist attack

President Miguel Diaz-Canel denounced on Friday that the US Government’s silence on the attack on the Cuban Embassy in Washington shows its complicity in the events.
Through his Twitter account, the president recalled that, almost a month of that terrorist attack, the silence of the imperial administration amounts to complicity.

About 32 shots were fired early April 30 on the Cuban Embassy in Washington, by a man who was arrested on the scene and declared his clear intention to kill.

The investigation by US authorities concluded that Alexander Alazo Baro, the shooting’s perpetrator, was a mentally unstable person, however, according to press statements by Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez, his contacts and motivations have not been further developed.

Rodriguez commented to some media about Alazo Baro’s relations with groups and people who promote violent actions against his country and called for an investigation about the issue.

However, almost a month after that attack, there have been no statements by the US Government nor have they publicly condemned what happened.

source: Prensa Latina