Cuba has an absolute commitment against terrorism, FM says

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez affirmed on Monday that his country has an absolute and categorical commitment with a vigorous action and condemn against terrorism.
There are plenty of reasons to doubt that the US government can issue such a categorical statement about its position facing that scourge, Rodriguez posted on his Twitter account.

In a statement issued this Monday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed that as a country that has been a victim of terrorism, Cuba deplores all manifestations of political manipulation and opportunism when dealing with such a sensitive issue.

In this way, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs rejected its inclusion in the list of countries that ‘do not cooperate’ with the US anti-terrorist efforts due to the presence in Havana of members of the National Liberation Army (ELN), while their support for Colombian peace has been reiterated.

Such list of countries, released by the State Department on May 13, is unilateral, arbitrary and without any foundation, authority or international support, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reiterated.

About the argument used, the Ministry recalled that the ELN members and the Colombian government arrived in Cuba in May 2018 as part of the peace process, after Ecuador suddenly gave up as a host of the talks.

That process, started in Quito in 2017 during the last mandate of President Juan Manuel Santos, continued with his successor, current Colombian President Ivan Duque, which gave way to several exchanges until January 2019.

The statement explained that the Colombian government also decided to ignore the Rupture Protocol signed in 2016 with the ELN and the guarantor countries of the negotiations: Cuba, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Venezuela and Norway.

Source: prensa latina