US semiotic war against Cuba denounced

Influential media circles in the United States are waging a semiotic war against Cuba using words produced by thinking tanks, it was denounced here on Tuesday.
According to an article published in Granma newspaper and entitled ‘The United States and its laboratories for manipulation’ (EE.UU. y sus laboratorios para la manipulación), each word is well calculated in those specialized centers and spread throughout the world.

Therefore, news on Cuba usually contains expressions such as ‘regime’ or ‘dictatorship’, instead of Government, to insult and undermine the legitimacy of the Revolution, the article says.

Cuban public media are described as ‘officialist’ or ‘single’ press, while those publications in the country that are paid by the United States are ‘independent’, the article notes.

World-renowned terrorists are considered ‘activists’ or ‘fighters for freedom’, and in case of any violations of the law, ‘they are so cynical to call them «dissidents» repressed by the «political police» of the «totalitarian regime»’, Granma stresses.

Even the assassin Luis Posada Carriles, the brains behind the sabotage on a Cubana de Aviacion airliner in mid-flight and other terrorist attacks, was exalted as ‘an anti-Castro militant’, the newspaper underlines.

The article adds that US media use the word ’embargo’ to refer to the US blockade imposed for nearly six decades on Cuba.

In that regard, the Cuba vs. Blockade website explains that embargo is the judicial form to withhold assets to assure compliance with a legal obligation; notwithstanding, the real siege of Cuba includes coercive measures and economic aggressions to suffocate the social project.

Another example of manipulation is the use of the Cuban concept ‘people in the street’ to describe, according to the criterion of the thinking tanks, the people who stand on line and are poor, ‘with the perverse purpose of separating them from their leaders,’ Granma points out.

Those linguistic formulas, intentionally chosen, are also echoed by social media and the self-proclaimed alternative media, which wage ‘an implacable war of misinformation on Cuba’s reality’, 

source: Prensa Latina

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