UN’s website highlights medical students’ efforts in Cuba

United Nations.- The story of two Sahrawis girls who study medicine in Cuba, and together with Cuban health professionals, help fight the new Covid-19 pandemic, are the headlines on the UN´s news website.

Instructed and guided by their professors, Umajutha and Maglaha, Saharawi medical student refugees, make a house-to-house screening by inquiring about inhabitants health conditions and giving some advice for preventing contagion, hygiene and social isolation.

Both medical students assure that this is their only way of thanking Cuba for giving them the opportunity to study medicine.

‘Like many other young Sahrawis and from other parts of the world, including some of other refugees, Umajutha and Maglaha benefited from scholarships granted by Cuba to study medicine in the country.’

The UN news website posted that Umajutha and Maglaha know and apply all health standards to protect themselves in their community work.

source: Radio Reloj