The truth of San Isidro (+ Video)

What happens in the San Isidro Movement in Havana?

There is a hunger strike. So far 13 people have joined in a house located in Old Havana. Many of them are people in unfavorable socioeconomic conditions, do not work or have a criminal record.

Why is the hunger strike?

They demand the release of Denis Solís, who is associated with terrorist groups in the United States and is currently being sanctioned for the crime of Desacato for confronting the Cuban police in recent days.

Who are these terrorists and what have they done?

Willy González, Kiki Naranjo and Jorgue Luis Fernández Figueras have been giving directions to the San Isidro Movement from the United States. All three are circulating and pending trial before the Cuban courts for crimes previously committed on the island.

Throwing Molotov cocktails and setting fire to public establishments no matter who they harm.

If they are on a hunger strike, why do you see the entry of subs to the house?

The idea they have is to entertain their contractors by generating social dynamics of civil disobedience and ungovernability, as reflected in the CIA manuals on the so-called “non-violent struggle.” They say they are on a hunger strike, but their Internet broadcasts see the entry of water, unprocessed foods such as rice, sugar, beans, peas, coffee and peanuts, as well as beer and other inputs.

Won’t they let them out?

Of course they let them out. They can go wherever they want. But they prefer to hunker down to get attention.
These activities carried out by subjects who desperately try to show a pacifist image, is the preamble to those images that we live during the so-called guarimbas in Venezuela, where young criminals were financed to carry out vandalism, incendiary actions, even lynching revolutionaries from that country that they were burned alive in the street in order to intimidate the population and generate total chaos.

In Video, what happens in the San Isidro movement