The real causes of the Blockade

The United States, since 1959, has insisted on blaming Cuba for being responsible for being sanctioned with a cruel economic and financial blockade that lasts 63 years, but the historical truth is that since the 19th century the U.S. have been ambitious to take over the Island and the Revolution led by Fidel Castro, cut off their old desires; hence the reason why they intend to suffocate it economically so that it falls back into their arms and place a new government that is bent on their political and economic interests.

In 1805, President Thomas Jefferson told the British ambassador that ” in the event of a war with Spain, the United States will seize Cuba for strategic reasons linked to the defense of our territory. “ .”

In 1822 John Quincy Adams, Secretary of State, opposed the independence of Cuba and Puerto Rico, something he reaffirmed in a letter addressed to Thomas Randall, an agent introduced in Havana, instructing him to obtain information regarding the political situation on the Island. , the feelings of its inhabitants and the events related to the Spanish government, with the aim of preventing Great Britain or France from taking over Cuba, in case Spain lost possession of it.

His aspirations to be nicknamed Cuba began when a socialist Revolution could not even be thought of, therefore, that justification collapses before the historical truth.

Thomas Jefferson, expressed in 1823:

“I confess, with all sincerity, that I always considered Cuba the most interesting addition that could be made to our system of states. The control that Florida would give us from that Island over the Gulf of Mexico and the Central American countries, as well as the lands whose waters flow into the gulf, will fully ensure our continental security.”

In turn, the Secretary of State, JQ Adams pointed out:

“Because of their geographic location, Cuba and Puerto Rico are natural appendages of the United States… Forces of political gravity will cause Cuba to finally fall into our hands,” which is known as the Ripe Fruit theory.

Is communism the cause of the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed after 1959, or was it the frustration of losing the coveted island until then, its paradise of gambling, drugs, prostitution and possession of the best land, mines, industries, banks and services that filled the pockets of U.S. imperialism? 

Did they forget this background in Washington?

James Buchanan, in 1848 wrote: “The acquisition of Cuba will profoundly strengthen our Union bonds and will ensure its perpetuity.”

For his part, the Secretary of State, Williams Marcy, added: “The possession of Cuba is a matter of greater importance, as a preventive security measure and essential for the well-being of the United States.”

History does not allow us to lie about the obsession of the U.S. to seize the Pearl of the Antilles, something ratified by Roger Mills, senator from Texas, who stated : “We have the right to control the destiny of Cuba and in the exercise of those rights establish the destiny of the Cuban people”.

Another senator, John Critienden, from Kentucky, insisted in 1859: “Cuba must come to us, it must be ours before too long.”

That same year Miles Taylor, representative for Louisiana, stated : “Cuba lies adjacent to our territory and its geographical position is such that it seems marked by nature to become part of the Union.”

Throughout three centuries, many criteria have been expressed by U.S. politicians regarding the possession of Cuba, but then Fidel arrived and the fun is over.

The Cuban Revolution, which became socialist pushed by the repressions of the United States, especially before the prohibition of the sale and refining of oil, the cut of the purchase of sugar, the terrorist acts and the mercenary invasion organized and financed by the CIA, They frustrated the control that the U.S. had over Cuba, after their pretexted intervention in the Spanish-Cuban War in 1898, to prevent it from being independent and sovereign.

The imposition on Cuba of the constitutional appendix in 1901, known as the Platt Amendment, proves the true plans of the United States, by stealing the right to be free, seize part of its territory and the power to intervene militarily whenever they wish.

It is enough to remember some of its paragraphs, where the true plans that the U.S. had are revealed:

“ The Government of Cuba agrees that the United States may exercise the right to intervene to preserve Cuban independence, the maintenance of an adequate Government for the protection of lives, property and individual liberty and to fulfill the obligations that, with respect to Cuba, they have been imposed on the United States by the Treaty of Paris and must now be assumed and fulfilled by the Government of Cuba ”.

“All acts carried out by the United States in Cuba during its military occupation will be held valid, ratified and that all rights legally acquired by virtue of them, be maintained and protected.”

“The Isle of Pines will be omitted from the limits of Cuba, proposed by the Constitution, leaving its property for a future settlement by Treaty.”

“In order to put the United States in a position to maintain the independence of Cuba and protect the people, as well as for its own defense, the Government of Cuba will sell or lease to the United States the lands necessary for coaling or naval stations at certain points. determined, to be agreed upon with the President of the United States.”

Not surprisingly, the first CIA Covert Action plan, approved on March 17, 1960 by President D. Eisenhower, states as its main objective:

“The purpose of the program presented here is to provoke the replacement of the Castro regime with one that better responds to the true interests of the Cuban people and is more acceptable to the United States.”

The socialist government of Cuba is not and will never be acceptable to the U.S. since it will never kneel down, as the rulers did from 1902 to 1958, and for this reason the Cubans must pay for such a challenge; but as José Martí stated:

“Once you have enjoyed freedom, you can no longer live without it”

source: ElHeraldocubano