The People vs Blockades w/ Cuban President Diaz-Canel and Venezuela’s Foreign Minister

Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel, Venezuela’s Foreign Minister Yvan Gil Pinto and other speakers will address a special international event in NYC “The People vs. The Blockades” Over the past two centuries, the United States has waged various wars, economic sabotage, coups, blockades, and sanctions across the Americas and the Caribbean to assert the interests of the U.S. business and political elite under the auspices of the Monroe Doctrine. The same forces that have carried out the Monroe Doctrine are now fighting for a rollback of fundamental civil rights in the United States. As we enter the 200th year of the Monroe Doctrine, we stand at a crossroads. Will we allow for the U.S. to continue its domination of the Americas and the Caribbean or will we stand together for the sovereignty and democracy of all peoples, including the working and oppressed within U.S. borders?