The events in Cuba put it them in to context

After the events of recent days in Cuba, let put a few things into context.

After a few news and tendencies in social media about the government of Biden was in the process  of analysing the policy towards Cuba, suddenly there were protest in different cities in Cuba, this was clear sponsored by the mafia in Miami to put the new government in a position so they can’t have a better relation with the Island using the excuse that in Cuba there is not stability, that there is police repression, violation of human rights etc.

These events happened for a reason, who is the beneficiary of the whole situation in Cuba now? That conservative sector of the Miami mafia, that it has been supporting the unrest economically and taking the lead calling the Cuban people to take the streets.

If we look at the tables of countries with covid-19 cases and deaths Cuba is doing well compared to other countries including first world countries with more robust economies and none of them had been blocked in the middle of the pandemic. They all had waves of the virus, they all had difficult times, but nobody suggested military intervention or humanitarian corridors.

Why Cuba? Cuba is living difficult moments with a wave of the virus like any other country did, and even in a less lethal way of what all those countries had. Also, some of those countries are having new waves of the virus again even after they started their vaccination campaigns due of the surge of new variants that are immune to some all those vaccines.

Why the media didn’t worry about the murders happening in Latin America such as Colombia, police brutality in Chile, and murders in Bolivia after the coup sponsored by U.S, and protests in Haiti just to mentioned a few?

On the 15th June the campaign and hashtag “SOSCUBA” was launched which planned to damage the UN vote about the embargo on Cuba, but it failed after the results of the UN vote and the shameless speech from the U.S. delegation to justify the unjustified. Due to the failure of that campaign they had to adjust it.

Last Sunday in Cuba was not a social outburst, last Sunday in Cuba what they had was disorders and disturbances caused by an online operation that it has been planned for a while with millions of funds, labs, social and tech platforms sponsored from U.S, some of them are known other not, some of them from the government such as USAID, NED, etc. manipulating people in different cities and citing critics and unconformities, using the difficulties that the Cuban families are having. This was done by U.S , mercenaries that were even involved in violent actions including attacking the foreign press. Today the international press recognised that there was violence on the street.

The Cuban people have suffered an intensified blockade of a different type directed to damage in different moments with surgical precision, the income of Cuba, what it translates to is the situation they are having today with difficulties, scarcity, hardship, electricity blackouts etc.

Even after so many failures the U.S, the right wing groups and the Miami Mafia are still trying to punish the Cuban people with hardship, promoting artificial leaders and creating a virtual situation on the social networks and hoping eventually for a social outburst and overthrown of the government.

The goal was to damage the revision of the Biden’s policy review towards Cuba, the diplomatic relations, trips to Cuba, the remittances and other topics such as the flow of emigrants between U.S and Cuba.

Cuba is summoning the U.S government to accept or deny that a company established in Miami Florida created the hashtag and campaign  “SOSCUBA” and received a certificate from the republican party in the Florida supported by the U.S state money and other institutions such as USAID as part of the information war against them.

Cuba also is summoning the U.S to deny that the political operators that started the hashtag and campaign have been organising protests including against the Cuban embassy in Washington, the embassy was attacked with shotguns not so long ago and until today the U.S government has kept silence about it.

On the 5th of July from a media lab established in Florida they launched in Twitter the campaign of “humanitarian intervention in Cuba” they started to link all the hashtags and flooding the social media.

A humanitarian intervention was the case of Yugoslavia in 1999 with horrendous bombing by NATO and not authorised by the UN. So, those calling for a humanitarian intervention are really calling for a military intervention for Cuba violating their laws and international laws. Make sense, now right?

Cuba is also summoning the US and Twitter to confirm or deny that political operator used in a very active way the use of  hashtags, groups of robots, trolls and automated system in this operation against Cuba and despite the complaint about those accounts since 9th of July, Twitter didn’t apply their own policies to stop those actions even when there were inciting to assassinations and violence.

Cuba is summoning Twitter to confirm if it’s true or not that the geolocations of those account were altered to deceive the people and make it look like that more than half were inside Cuba, when is well know that it’s false. They majority of those accounts are outside Cuba.

Simultaneously Cuba is summoning Twitter to recognise or deny that there was an operation against influencers and artists, some of them economically others with brutal pressure or blackmail to flood their accounts to create a virtual reality of what was happening in Cuba. This created confusion to normal people, organisations, fund raising groups that were manipulated when they saw the “SOSCUBA” on social media and influencer accounts.