The corrupt society that they want to impose on Cuba.

The United States will never accept that in Cuba there is a socialist society with values ​​different from theirs, where the human being occupies the highest place and childhood is protected as the most precious treasure. For this reason, one of the first measures taken after the triumph of January 1959 was the comprehensive reform of education, establishing it free, universal for all, and compulsory until the completion of 6th grade, later increased to 9th grade.

Another decision made was the vaccination program for all children at no cost, which currently includes 14 vaccines, recently included against Covid-19, under the precept that Nothing is more important than a child.

Cuba was one of the first countries to sign and ratify the Convention on the Rights of the Child, as it was part of the politics of the Revolution.

The protection of children is essential in Cuba, but those who seek to overthrow socialism in order to reintroduce capitalism on the island, should work to clean U.S. society of manure, such as its child pornography industry and the abuse suffered by the minors in that inhuman capitalism.

Daily, the American press and those of other capitalist countries that call themselves “examples” of morality, publish news of sexual abuse by teachers and police against minors and women, facts that are repeated in a system rotten from the roots.

Thus we see complaints against high officials for sexual abuse, such as the case of Donald Trump and others, but they insist on selling the Cuban people a shady model.

The deformation of U.S. society is such that it recently became known of a Miami veterinarian, who had sex with animals and was addicted to child pornography.

The veterinarian in question was the medical director of Caring Hands Animal Hospital de Aventura, in Miami and possessed thousands of images of child pornography of babies and young children, having sex with adults. He also filmed himself in his sexual relations with dogs and shared them on the Internet.

This is not an isolated case, in recent months a Louisiana state police officer, decorated for his good work performance, was convicted of bestiality, sexually abusing an animal and recording himself in such action.

Other facts show that the Cuban people are not interested in having a society like the U.S., among them the cases of teachers from Miami, accused of having sex with students under 15 years of age, including three in the same month of October 2021 in the Miami-Dade County, from where the overthrow of the Cuban government is requested to implant its corrupt and sickly capitalism.

Members of the police force in Florida and in several states are perpetrators of sexual assault on women and adolescents. These crimes against morals are published daily in the press, because they are part of the deformations of a society that is sick with so much violence, drugs and pornography, which does not resemble the formation of ethical and moral values ​​of the Cuban socialist society that so much they hate.

The most unusual thing is that the police officers detected in these indecent acts, among which are sexual and violent crimes, homicide and rape, even of minors and other serious work-related acts, such as bribery and embezzlement, they are put into retirement instead of being expelled, which allows them to go to prison and collect their pensions, despite being convicted of violating the same laws they swore to respect when joining the police. Hence, tens of millions of dollars flow into the bank accounts of those indicted policemen.

A recent investigation carried out by journalists from the CNN chain, found that more than 350 policemen sanctioned for serious crimes, receive their pension payment, similar to those who go into retirement after finishing their work period with exemplary status.

The pedophilia committed by Bishops and priests of the Catholic Church, most of them in the schools run by them, is one of the most repulsive acts of capitalist society that will never be accepted in Cuba.

A change in New York law made it possible for more than 9,000 complaints of child abuse to be filed, including cases against Prince Andrew, son of Queen Elizabeth, singer Bob Dylan, and several high-ranking Catholic priests. Because previously the complaints were blocked due to the laws of the state, for the period of time that the victims had to impose their demands.

Sexual abuse against children by the clergy of the Catholic Church in France has been systematic and recently it was reported that more than 216,000 minors were victims of rape in the last 70 years. The result of investigations carried out ensures that the number of victims would be greater than 330 thousand, if the abuse by laity of that religious institution is taken into account.

Data compiled by Child USA, a nonprofit organization that works to end child abuse, states in the United States approximately one in five girls and one in 13 boys will be sexually abused, that is between 15 and 20% of the nation’s population, as noted by its CEO, Marci Hamilton, adding: ” The nearly 10,000 lawsuits represent only a very small portion of what is believed to be the true scale of abuse . 

That is one of the reasons why the Cuban people resist the aggressions of the United States to defend their Revolution, because as José Martí affirmed:

“Only the morality of individuals preserves the splendour of nations.”

source: heraldocubano