Cubans in Italy ratify support for the island and its Revolution (+Photo)

Associations of Cuban residents in Italy ratified on Thursday their support for the island and its Revolution with a public demonstration at a central area in Rome.
Dozens of Cubans and Italians gathered early today at Santa Prisca square in Rome, to express their solidarity with the Cuban people and demand the lifting of the US-imposed economic, commercial and financial blockade for almost six decades.

Posters, slogans, songs and multiple expressions of solidarity with Cuba characterized the demonstration presided over by a banner with the phrase ‘Down with Blockade’ and the Cuban flag in several angles of the square.

During the rally, held on occasion of the 53rd anniversary of Commander Ernesto Che Guevara’s death in Vallegrande, Bolivia, the presence of members of the associations belonging to the National Coordinating Committee of Cuban Residents in Italy stood out.

Source: Prensa Latina