Cuba, the only country with genuine internationalism, affirms Noam Chomsky

The only country that has demonstrated genuine internationalism has been Cuba, said the American philosopher and linguist Noam Chomsky when analyzing the lessons of the pandemic of the new coronavirus present today worldwide.

In an interview with the EFE news agency at his home in Tucson, Arizona, the renowned intellectual recalled that the island “has always been under economic strangulation by the United States and by some miracle they have survived to continue showing the world what is internationalism “.

However, Chomsky added that such recognition of the Caribbean country cannot be said in the United States, “because what you have to do is blame them for human rights violations.”

“In fact, the worst human rights violations take place in southeastern Cuba, in a place called Guantanamo that the United States took at gunpoint and refuses to return,” he said, referring to the naval base that Washington maintains in that province of the Caribbean country, against the will of the people and the government of the island.

Chomsky referred to the largest of the Antilles when stating that what is happening internationally regarding the SARS-Cov-2 coronavirus pandemic “is quite shocking.”

There is what they call the European Union. We hear the word ‘union’. Okay, look Germany, which is managing the crisis very well, In Italy the crisis is acute. Are they receiving help from Germany? He questioned in the interview broadcast on Tuesday.

Fortunately, he said, in Italy “they are receiving help, but from a “superpower” like Cuba, which is sending doctors. Or China, which sends material and aid. But they do not receive assistance from the rich countries of the European Union. That says something. ‘

For the American philosopher, the first great lesson of the current pandemic ‘is that we are facing another massive and colossal failure of the neoliberal version of capitalism. If we don’t learn that, the next time something similar happens it will be worse. ‘

He also considered that the United States is a catastrophe for the game they bring in Washington, where they “know how to blame everyone except themselves, even though they are responsible.”

The linguist described as criminal the decision of President Donald Trump to freeze funds to the World Health Organization (WHO), and criticized his presentation of budget proposals with cuts related to health, and increases in the financing of fossil energy, the military spending or the border wall.

source: Prensa Latina

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