Cuba Support Group Ireland condemns escalation of US blockade


1 May 2019

Cuba Support Group Ireland condemns escalation of US blockade

Cuba Support Group Ireland condemns the intensification of the illegal blockade of Cuba recently announced by the Trump administration.

The measures are undisguised imperial aggression at it’s most callous and most egregious.  It displays a level of disregard for the principals of civilised coexistence, international law and universal human rights not seen since Europe was in the evil grip of fascism.  Indeed, the measures, if allowed to stand, call into question the entire edifice of the post World War II settlement with its international architecture of Universal Declaration, The United Nations and the International Criminal Court.

For the members of the European Union, the actions of the US government undermine the very principals upon which their Union is founded and have been rightly been condemned by the Trade Commissioner. Legal counter measures have been put in place to protect European companies exposed to the globalised extortion introduced by these measures.

The intensified sanctions regime has succeeded in uniting in opposition all but the most sycophantic puppet administrations of the USA across the globe.  It is rare for China, Russia, South Africa and The European Union, along with a vast rainbow of smaller nations from all continents to agree that this aggression must be stopped. All have all condemned the US sanctions: it is sometimes the only policy position they all agree on.

These latest sanctions are as counter-productive as their predecessors have been since they were first introduced in 1962, following the defeat of the Bay of Pigs invasion. They have delivered precisely none of their stated intensions.

There was then, is now, and will be no yielding of the resolve of the Cuban people to determine their own destiny and to assist democratic sister nations, like Venezuela, in achieving theirs. Cuba Support Group Ireland humbly pledges its solidarity, and its support, in that noble endeavour.

National Committee,

Cuba Support Group Ireland.