Cuba receives another donation from the Campaign “Support Vaccination”

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Cubans in the UK and Juntos x Cuba, associations of Cubans residing in the United Kingdom (UK) and in Europe, together with friends of Cuba in Europe, Mexico, the United States of America and Canada joined forces to bring 50,000 cryotubes to the country to be used. in the immunogenicity trials of the phase 3 clinical trial of Abdala, one of the five vaccine candidates developed by Cuban science. This phase 3 clinical trial is the last stage in volunteers for the approval of the Abdala vaccine where its safety and efficiency must be confirmed, the latter evaluating the relationship between immunity and protection against COVID-19.The cryotubes will allow the sera of vaccinated individuals to be transported at low temperatures (below zero) to the place where the content of antibodies that specifically prevent the coronavirus from entering the human cell will be evaluated.

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Despite the difficulties caused by the closure of the first two collection platforms on the JustGiving and Crowdfunder-UK sites due to the extraterritorial application of the criminal US blockade of Cuba, “Cubans in the UK” continued its purpose and we continue to contribute with donations ( ) for the benefit of the Cuban people. 

We thank all the people who have contributed so far for the generous gesture and solidarity with our country. Thanks to this effort, since the beginning of the year we have managed to send donations of medical supplies to Cuba worth £ 19,874.23. We call on Cuban residents abroad, friends of Cuba and all people in solidarity to continue supporting our country and we invite them to join the International Caravans against the blockade on May 29-30 .

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source: Cubanos en UK