Cuba: Gardens of the Queen

How a protected reef became one of the world’s last healthy ecosystems

Cuba’s Gardens of the Queen, (Jardines De La Reina), is often called the crown jewel of the Caribbean. This is one of the healthiest and most vibrant marine ecosystems in the world. Strictly protected since 1996, the Gardens show us what’s possible when we commit to creating healthy and abundant oceans.

This video series showcases the rich diversity of life in the islands, reefs and mangroves of this remote archipelago. In each of the seven episodes, you’ll join the SeaLegacy team on expedition as it discovers the hidden lives of the sharks, crocodiles, grouper, lobster, sardines and other species that make the Gardens unique. You’ll also hear from scientists, tourism operators and government officials, who provide insight into what it takes to create, operate, and maintain an ecosystem like this and how this model of environmental management could inform future global efforts to protect and revive critically endangered reefs.

Source: Sealegacy