Cuba: fight Covid-19 and revive the economy

To imagine that Cuba could endure more than two months without having income from tourism sector, would be unthinkable for many, even among many Cubans.
Well, this is what has been happening since March 24, when the Cuban government closed ports and airports to foreign visitors in order to halt Covid-19 infections in the country.

That decision was not quite something. Tourism is one of the key drivers of the Cuban economy, and it above all makes money to the ‘petty cash’ of the country.

It should not be assumed the writer is posting something new, but the truth is the Cuban authorities are pretty cautious when disclosing some economic data.

And this is justified by the very strict aggression on Cuba´s ties to the world for the economic, financial and commercial blockade against Cuba for nearly 60 years.

These are categories the Cuban government uses, even in the United Nations, and that could fall short when you make reference to the country´s health impact, as it is happening in times of coronavirus.

Just one example: at the beginning of the current situation, Cuba requested artificial respirators of two companies declining their delivery previously agreed, after being bought by a US firm.

As a result, Cuba´s Covid-19 patients cannot have those artificial respirators that help oxygenate and save lives, which forced the Cuban government to look for even more expensive options.

This is also the scenario that Washington chooses to denigrate the Cuban medical cooperation, which has been serving more than 160 nations in the last 56 years.

However, fighting Covid-19 is a day-to-day mission in Cuba, with its President Díaz-Canel fully dedicated, even taking inventory and lifting funds to maintain a country that was previously depending on sugar, and that can be boasted today, even if it does not, to achieve successful outcomes regarding Covid-19.

There is no doubt that the pandemic has and will have a negative impact on the Cuban and world economy, but on Cuba the impact will be harder due to the double effect produced by the tightening of the US blockade.

However, Cuba is resisting and preparing for the post-Covid-19 stage, with some strategies to kick-start its economy, including some changes in its management and priority setting.

Source: Prensa Latina