Cuba denounces the insistence of the siege imposed by the United States.

The hostility of the United States against Cuba today reinforces the siege imposed against the island for almost six decades, according to recent complaints from local authorities.
After the announcement by the Treasury Department against the International Financial Bank (BFI), an entity of the largest of the Antilles, Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez rejected the punitive measure that further intensifies the blockade after a year of unprecedented pressure.

“The inclusion of entities on their lists aims to reinforce an economic siege that has not been able to destroy the Cuban Revolution in 62 years,” wrote the head of Foreign Relations on his Twitter account.

This statement responds to the announcement by the US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, who reported the day before the inclusion of the BFI in the list of financial institutions on the island with which Americans are prohibited from trading.

The provision will become effective at the beginning of January after the publication of the updated version of the list that penalizes entities allegedly under the control of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Cuba, the White House official said in a statement.

This unilateral action is in addition to the sanctions implemented from Washington with the purpose of strangling the island’s economy and forcing a regime change.

During 2020, the United States blockade left unprecedented effects on the Caribbean country, considered the main obstacle for the island’s development and compliance with the 2030 Agenda.

Among other regulations, the White House approved in the last stage the possibility of establishing lawsuits under Title III of the Helms-Burton Act, increasing the prosecution of financial and commercial transactions and the discrediting campaign against cooperation programs. Cuban doctor.

source: Prensa Latina