Cancer treatment continues despite Covid-19 in Cuba

Treatment with Heberferon for patients suffering from basal cell carcinomas of the skin is currently being provided in this central Cuban province, despite the complex epidemiological situation due to Covid-19.
With strict compliance with hygienic and biosecurity measures to avoid contagion of SARS-Cov-2 coronavirus, the healthcare system of Ciego de Avila is maintaining with vitality the medical service of great importance for those suffering from the disease.

Dr. Dunia Sotolongo, a dermatologist at the Antonio Luaces Iraola provincial hospital, highlighted the method as very effective in people with skin lesions since its application prevents surgical intervention and mutilations.

The drug inhibits tumor proliferation and the appearance of recurrences, thus improving the life quality of the patients, noted the specialist in charge of the program in the territory.

Created at the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology of Havana, at this moment the preparation is only applied in some medical assistance centers of the province, although the interest is to take it to all healthcare areas.

Heberferon is the newest drug used for skin tumors and is included in the basic group of medicines in Cuba, where it is used free of charge for all types of patients.

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