U.S. despair and decline of the so-called opposition.

Billions of dollars have been allocated by the United States, in more than half a century to overthrow the Cuban Revolution, which, if it had used them to improve its health system, would not have so many sick and dead from Covid-19 and others diseases suffered by citizens because they lack sufficient resources to pay for expensive health insurance.

For the United States, it is more important to fight the socialist system and prevent Cuba’s example from repeating itself than to eradicate the problems in its society.

The most recent fabrication of the counterrevolutionary group of Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara, highlights the desperation of the United States to liquidate the Revolution, dreaming of a popular uprising, although to achieve it they have to work with people of bad morals and extensive criminal backgrounds.

When studying those who made up the Cuban counterrevolution over 62 years, people with a cultural level and without common criminal backgrounds are observed, quite the opposite, in the case of Luis Manuel Otero and his collaborators, because they no longer have anywhere to get ” opponents ”.

One of those is Maykel- Osorbo- Castillo, with terrible social behaviour, who is looking for easy money in the midst of the economic crisis that the country is going through, due to the economic and financial war, together with the effects of Covid-19, but anything goes for the U.S, as long as they carry out their orders obediently.

The campaign deployed by the United States to make the world believe that Otero Alcántara is an “artist” and that he is on a hunger strike, has no comparison with others. The purpose is for the European Union to suspend the trade agreement with Cuba and thus increase the economic crisis, so that the people blame the socialist system, an old principle embodied in all its subversive plans, now discredited.

Money is running like a spring of water and both the CIA and the State Department show their despair, saying that it is, now or never, the time to give the Revolution a punch.

For this reason, President Joe Biden maintains intact the 243 sanctions imposed by Donald Trump, including the prohibition of family remittances to Cuba, a criminal act that affects families and does not revitalize his consulate in Havana to prevent the granting of visas to who want to travel to the United States, in order to increase internal pressure.

Otero’s fanciful “hunger strike” is a recurrent orientation to the counterrevolution in recent decades, but the truth always ends up being known, something nothing new for the Cuban people who reminds those who already lived from that story, as were the cases. by Guillermo El Faquir Fariñas and the Internal Dissidence Working Group, made up of Martha Beatriz Roque, Vladimiro Roca, René Gómez and Félix Bonne Carcasés, who staged various productions, including the well-known Avocado Strike .

Otero Alcántara is an element with terrible social behaviour, very similar to the so-called El Sexto, booted at the time and entitled “artist”, who, when requesting asylum in Miami, lost prominence and no one mentions any more.   

The lie about Otero’s state of health is so amplified that descendants, without seeing his videos and photos, have believed that he is a “victim” of communism, the purpose of this psychological warfare.

Can a human being go more than eight days without drinking water?

Of course not and for science that statement by Luis Manuel Otero is absurd, in addition to the fact that his image reflects a hydrated and strong person.

The matrix of opinion that they want to sow in the minds is that the government lets him die of hunger, when he was the one who decided the supposed strike, following indications received from the United States. Not for nothing Julie Chung, Acting Undersecretary of the Office of Western Hemisphere Affairs, wrote on her Twitter account:

“The United States is extremely concerned for the well-being of the Cuban activist @LMOAlcantara and urges the Cuban government to take immediate measures to protect his life and health.”

Never have the State Department or the U.S embassy been concerned about the lives of young Chileans, savagely repressed by the police, or about the loss of their eyes caused by bullets. Faced with the massacres of Colombian social leaders, which add up to hundreds of deaths, they have never issued a condemnation note, nor for the repression in Bolivia during the coup that the CIA sponsored, proof that they do not care about human rights, but they do manipulation against Cuba.

The current media crusade is aimed at sowing the criterion that Otero Alcántara ” has cracked skin and mouth, no longer urinates, does not speak, has a swollen throat and cannot get out of bed, even if the works were brought to the door of his house ”.

Pure low-cost theater that seeks international support, and the justification to condemn Cuba and not change its inhumane policy that affects the people.

The truth can be found in the criteria issued to the AFP press agency, by Ramón Suárez Polcari, Chancellor of the Archdiocese of Havana, who has just visited the counterrevolutionary at his home in the San Isidro neighborhood.

According to the priest, with extensive experience in the conduct that counterrevolutionaries have assumed in recent decades:

“Otero himself was the one who opened the door and we sat down to talk, he looked a bit exhausted, it is logical, and we had a conversation for about an hour.”

Without intending to, the Chancellor of the Archdiocese of Havana dismantled the lie of the counterrevolutionary and the Miami press, by showing that he has an excellent state of health, because whoever does not drink water or eat in eight days, cannot walk, open the door of your house and talk normally for an hour.

The farce was derailed when he was admitted to the Calixto García hospital in Havana, which he entered walking normally on May 2, 2021. The analyzes carried out confirmed his good health.

Now from Miami they will say that it is a whole plan of the communist government, but the proof is Otero himself, and as José Martí affirmed:

“The truth continues its march through the earth unscathed.”

Translated from HeraldoCubano