Justice in London (Justicia en Londres)
The Secret History of How Cuba Helped End Apartheid
Girón 50 Conference
Miami 5 clips
Mission Against Terror

Justice in London (Justicia en Londres)
In Justice in London, Cuban filmmaker Roberto Chile documents the working sessions of International Colloquium for the Freedom of the Five and against Terrorism. The material includes reports of the International Commission of Inquiry on the case of the Cuban Five which was attended by politicians and intellectuals from various nations.

The Secret History of How Cuba Helped End Apartheid
Cuba is the only country in the world that sent its armed forced to confront Apartheid.

Girón 50 Conference

The Irish Friends of Cuba Coalition hosted a conference in Dublin’s Liberty Hall to commemorate those momentous events and to examine the validity of the Cuban Revolution today. The presentations made by the invited Cuban delegation and some of the other Irish speakers are accessible by clicking on the videos below.


Home Grown Cuba

Valerie O’Connor travels to Cuba to investigate how the country has become a leader in organics and horticulture and asks why does Ireland choose to leave land unfarmed, when we have the potential to emulate Cuba’s sustainable horticulture strategy

Cuba: The Accidental Eden

Cuba may have been restricted politically and economically for the past 50 years, but its borders have remained open to wildlife for which Cuba’s undeveloped islands are an irresistible draw. While many islands in the Caribbean have poisoned or paved over their ecological riches on land and in the sea in pursuit of a growing tourist industry, Cuba’s wild landscapes have remained virtually untouched, creating a safe haven for rare and intriguing indigenous animals, as well as for hundreds of species of migrating birds and marine creatures. Coral reefs have benefited, too.

Watch the full episode. See more Nature.

Dr Micheline Sheehy Skeffington, lecturer in botany at NUI Galway and longtime member of CSGI, has produced a very informative 40 minute illustrated lecture on the Cuban model of organo-ecological farming.

The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil

The Miami 5
Five Cuban men are serving prison sentences scattered throughout the United States. Their crime? Protecting their country and people against terrorism.

The Five Cubans, Gerardo Hernández, René González, Antonio Guerrero, Ramon Labañino and Fernando González were trying to stop Miami based terrorist groups from carrying out terrorist actions against the people of Cuba. They were found guilty of charges ranging from murder to espionage by a court in Miami, which relied on the evidence of convicted terrorists. All are innocent of the charges brought against them. Extensive intimidation of jurists by these same terrorists was a feature of the trial. They are currently appealing their convictions.

Trade union leaders and their members in the UK and Ireland have joined the call demanding justice for the Miami five.

Simon McGuinness, National Coordinator of Cuba Support Group Ireland, explains the case of the Miami Five and calls for their release.

Elizabeth Labanino, one of the wives of the Miami Five describes the unfair convictions and miscarriage of justice that has been inflicted on the Five and their families at the hands of the US justice system and the continuing human rights abuse involved in the denial of family visits by the US authorities, an abuse decried by Amnesty International.

Real News Network report on U.S. Government payments to Miami based journalists hostile to the Miami 5.

Part 2 of the Real News Network report on U.S. Government funding of hostile media during the trial of the Miami 5

Mission Against Terror

A documentary by Bernie Dwyer and Roberto Ruiz Rebo

“Mission against Terror” is a powerful and compelling account of Cuba’s struggle against terrorism and the five men’s role in that struggle, when they infiltrated anti-Cuba terrorist groups based in Miami to prevent further atrocities against Cuba.

It begins with an account of 45 years of US-sponsored terrorism against Cuba, including the chilling cockpit recording of the last words from the pilot of Cubana Flight 455, the civilian passenger plane bombed out of the sky with the loss of 73 lives in 1976. It describes the arrest on spying charges of the five Cubans in 1998 and goes on to document their ‘trial’ in Florida which Leonard Weinglass, the eminent US civil rights lawyer calls a ‘violation from start to finish.’

The film goes on to give a moving account of their draconian sentences and imprisonment, the denial of their rights in US jails and the continuing suffering of their families who are denied access to them. It includes interviews with groups and individuals involved in the fight for justice for the Five, in the US and Britain. The film is an inspiring tribute to the Miami Five’s determination to fight for Cuba’s sovereignty and should be seen by everyone with a concern for human rights and justice.


A documentary by Michael Moore.

During the making of his 2007 documentary SiCKO, Oscar winning filmmaker Michael Moore braves the blockade and travel ban imposed on US citizens by right wing US legislators, to bring a group of 9-11 rescue workers, who can no longer afford to pay for medical care in the United States, to Cuba for treatment.

In the wake of SiCKO’s exposure of the benefits of Cuba’s non-profit health care system to the American public much of the Corporate news media in the United States indulged in a frenzy of deceit and propaganda in an effort to re-demonise Cuba, it’s health care system and its government. Outlandish conspiracy theories fueled by vested interests tried to brand the film’s Cuba sequence a fabrication, and questioned the motives and even the medical condition of the American patients featured in the film. When interviewed by an independent news crew Billy Maher & John Graham, who featured in SiCKO speak about their experience both on and off camera in Cuba and dismiss the tissue of lies propagated by the mainstream corporate media.