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Biden, Everyone Knows Cuba is Not a Terrorist Country

The Biden administration certainly must have gotten the message after the 185 to 2 vote for the thirtieth consecutive year, the United Nations General Assembly condemned the US starvation blockade on Cuba. Country after country from almost all continents not only condemned the U.S. economic war while making special emphasis to remove Cuba from the spurious arbitrary State Department List alleging State Sponsors of Terrorism (SSOT).

Biden Extends Archaic Wartime Provision on Cuba

Great article by @Bellyofthebeastcuba
” Cuba is the only country in the world still subject to sanctions under the century-old law, which was originally intended to be used only in times of war”

Cuba Shows How to Take Action on Climate Change

Cuba, a small island besieged by the United States, is taking concrete measures to reorient its economy in the fight against climate change. It’s an example that the whole world should take seriously.

The World Stands with Cuba Once Again!

Once again, the United States has been left alone in its efforts to stifle Cuba. The General Assembly of the United Nations once again pronounced itself overwhelmingly against the economic blockade that Washington insists on maintaining against the island.