A message from the Miami Five

This beautiful and already epic battle

Dear sisters and brothers around the world,

Today, September 12, 2011, thirteen years of an unjust and prolonged incarceration have been completed, where the manipulations, lies and concealment of evidence engaged in by this country’s government, have made this legal odyssey an endless and even more painful one. However, on the other side of the equation, without so much as a single second’s hesitation throughout this beautiful and already epic battle, are all of you, sisters, brother, family, eternal friends, who fill us with a sense of pride and privilege.

Thanks to all of you, to the entire international solidarity movement, we’ve made small steps forward, such as a re-sentencing for three of us, although the sentences remain exaggerated and unjustifiable. The struggle continues.

Our brother, Gerardo Hernández, still remains under a double life sentence plus 15 years, for crimes he never committed, whose exculpatory evidence the government refuses to hand over, making a mockery not only of justice and universal ethics, but of the very laws and constitution of the United States. For him, there has been no rest whatsoever in this battle, and against him, every kind of punishment and disparagement have been and continue to be used.

On the other hand, René Gonzáles is finally at the point of completing his unjust sentence and still must fight for the recognition of his legitimate right to reunite with those who love him most, and return to his homeland.

We all continue in the fight for truth and justice. Now our final legal appeals are being presented to obtain some kind of remedy that might rectify so much injustice. The “Habeas Corpus” petitions of Gerardo, Tony and Ramon have been presented. We can say that they are marvelous documents, with a strong legal basis and with real evidence of our innocence, as well as the aberrations of this entire process. But we are not naïve. As in many prior moments, we know that this is a totally and uniquely political cause, and that is behind the decisions of judges and prosecutors. Our families, brothers, friends also suffer from this situation.

We must not permit this injustice to continue any longer, that other brothers should be forced to complete undeserved sentences, that Gerardo should continue to be treated with such cruelty.

This is the reality and the scene that we are facing on this, the thirteenth anniversary of captivity.

But we are continuing and shall continue struggling until victory is achieved, because there is nothing more beautiful than the defense of the dignity and right of our country to be free, independent and sovereign.

And we are proud, knowing that we can count on this wonderful solidarity that someday, ever closer, will free us and bring us home.

Thank you to everyone for your faithful companionship!

Our love and affection remain with you!

We shall be victorious!

Ramon Labanino Salazar
Sept. 12, 2011, 11:50 a.m.
FCI Jesup, Georgia